Gilles Reverdin, DR1 CNRS (INSU)



Note Infrastructure de recherche OHIS.  

Research topics

Upper ocean variability and air-sea interactions.

Observing and investigating the upper ocean variability, both physical (temperature, salinity, sea water isotopologs, ocean currents) or chemical (carbon dioxide, nutrients, isotopologs of sea water).

Recent projects:

-        Strasse/Spurs and SMOS cal-val activities

This includes the investigation of rain-induced stratification using drifters in the tropics

Validated drifter data are found on

-        SURATLANT monitoring from merchant vessels

done with SO SSS (between Iceland and Newfoundland since 1993; between Denmark and Greenland since 1997)

the thermosalinograph delayed mode data are found on

the validated XBT data and chemical surface data from 1993 until 2016 are found on

-        See also validated TSG data from the Tara vessel on (2009-2012) (2013) (2014) (only ‘real-time data’ for 2016-2017)

-        Reconstructing past 120 years surface salinity variability in the Atlantic Ocean.



investigating the spectrum of ocean and air-sea exchange variability from the sub-meso scales to the meso scales, and the interactions with ocean primary production, as well as how it modifies the lower atmosphere

Recent projects

POMME in the North-east intergyre Atlantic (2000-2001)

Meso-scale induced variability in the North Atlantic subpolar and subtropical gyres

Aquitaine plateau variability (EPIGRAM/Gogasmos in 2007-2010)

STRASSE/SPURS in the subtropical North Atlantic (2012-2014)


Measuring near-bottom transport and mixing in the Lucky Strike segment of the mid-Atlantic Ridge.

Recent projects

Graviluck (2007) and MOMAR (2007-2012)


Investigating the ocean freshwater budget with the use of water vapor and seawater istopologs (d18O and d D)

Recent projects

North and tropical Atlantic (2010-2016), with focuses on subpolar gyre in 2014 and on surface distribution in 2012-2016.

Southern Ocean (2017-). With focus on surface distribution, but also deep water formation in the Weddell Sea.


Ocean observing systems

A large variety of ocean observing systems has been implemented in the last hundred years to better monitor the ocean and understand its variability.

I am investigating instrumental or observing system-related biases, measurement characteristics, in particular in order to reconstruct time series of past ocean variability.

Recent projects:

Developing methods for reconstructing past upper ocean variability

Identifying biases in drifter, XBT or sea mammal data

Reconstructing past temperature and salinity surface variability in the Atlantic Ocean since 1896.


Instrumental development

- development of small non-intrusive floats to measure surface characteristics (T,S, waves, sea surface pressure, rainfall rates) and use of new small sensors to alleviate the cost of the measurements.


Other activities

I am coordinating the French SOERE CTDO2 and (with Sylvie Pouliquen at IFREMER).

I am the scientific coordinator of the French CORIOLIS structure devoted to ocean observations that can be acquired, validated and distributed both in near-real mode and delayed mode.




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